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We offer in-depth training for groups and organisations who want to engage people with complex disabilities and sensory impairments in a creative environment.

We also train our support staff in collaborative art-making so that everyone feels more confident working creatively and art becomes a part of the everyday across Sense.

The collaborative art-making training delivered by Sense Arts was very good at teasing out our creativity and it was a lot of fun. It showed us that we are all creative and really opened my eyes to the importance of creativity for helping our guys to express themselves.

Support worker

About our workshops

Our workshops offer a mixture of theory, learning and practical activities to support a fully inclusive approach to art-making. Sessions can be delivered face to face or digitally.

Pricing confirmed on request.

Training modules we offer:

  • Introduction to Deafblind Communication Awareness – explore language and terminology, access techniques and learn your name in BSL .
  • Making creative workshops accessible for people with complex disabilities (digital and/or face to face)
  • Explore models to make your work accessible, involvement of support staff in the creative process, creating space for deaf/disabled and neurodivergent artists in your work/models and access for hearing and visually impaired audiences.   
  • Accessible Digital Marketing. Learn and explore a basic overview into accessible marketing and how to create work accessible to everyone – including fonts, placement, images and video.

Training with Sense Arts will enable you to:

  • Understand the range of abilities people may have and how these may affect their participation in creative activities.
  • Learn about the barriers to participation that disabled people face and solutions to overcome them.
  • Understand how to communicate with disabled people using a range of communication methods.
  • Learn approaches and strategies that help you feel more confident about adapting a creative activity to make it more accessible.

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Get in touch with us at [email protected] if you’d like to sign up for a training or speak with our team for more information.