Sensory football workshop

What’s sensory football?

Sensory football activities are an accessible way to make sure that people with complex disabilities can get the most out of sport.

If you support people with complex disabilities to take part in sport, we’ve put together a workshop, videos and a handy toolkit to help you lead your sessions.

Sensory football training workshop

Our virtual and face-to-face workshops aim to show organisations how to lead sensory football activities for people with complex disabilities.

The training is for organisations who support people with complex disabilities to be active, no other football qualifications are needed.

Enquire about a workshop for your organisation and a member of our team will get in touch.

Sensory football workshop


Our workshops include:

Our sensory football video guides introduce the activity and provide demonstrations and top tips.

Explore the full playlist on our YouTube channel.

  • Tips on how to plan sessions
  • Support for evaluating sessions
  • Information on why sensory football is important for people with complex disabilities

What participants had to say

“The simple breakdown of the skills enabled all pupils to have a go and achieve.”

Special educational needs school teacher

“I kept the sessions very pupil-led so if they were really focused on a certain activity, I let that go on for longer achieving lots of success – this is really encouraged in Sensory Football.”

Community foundation sports coach

Get in touch

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