Sense Sport

We offer a range of inclusive sport and physical activities for people with complex disabilities to take part in.

Sport and physical activity play a key role in keeping people fit and healthy, supporting social inclusion, and building confidence through learning new skills and making friends. At Sense, we believe everyone, no matter how complex their disabilities, deserves the right to enjoy a physically active life.

We work in collaboration with our services, and the wider community to develop a range of inclusive sports and physical activities for people with complex disabilities to take part in, ensuring people’s needs are met. We work with experienced instructors and providers who aim to make each session enjoyable, accessible, inclusive and fun!

At our sessions you can:

  • Make new friends
  • Build your confidence
  • Learn new skills
  • Have fun
  • Be active

We offer a wide range of activities through the year including:


Cycling – Our inclusive cycling sessions are delivered in partnership with local organisations who use adapted bikes including: tricycles, handcycles, tandems, side-by-sides, platform bikes (for wheelchair users), and two wheeled bikes. Cycling is a good way to improve cardiovascular health, concentration and mental wellbeing.



Rock Climbing – Our inclusive rock climbing sessions are delivered by experienced climbing instructors from local climbing centres. Participants attend in small groups and are supported to climb one to one with the instructor. Rock climbing is a good way to improve strength, flexibility and mental wellbeing.




Yoga – Our inclusive yoga sessions are led by experienced instructors who adapt their practice to support the needs of those who attend. It can be done standing or seated. Yoga can help to make everyday tasks more manageable by improving strength, balance and mobility. It also helps to create a calming and uplifting energy.




Football – Inclusive football sessions can vary depending on the coaching style and the people who attend. Most sessions include fun games as a way of introducing people to football and getting people moving more. Football is a good way to build social connections, improve mobility and mental wellbeing.



“I love that the sessions are inclusive and people have lots of different abilities, we have blind people and deaf people and people who need more support and that’s lovely.”

Tesfai, ‘Sporting Sense’ Participant