Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks – FAQs


For DBS checks, you will need to show three original documents on a video call so that we can confirm your identity. The guidelines on which documents are available are set by the UK government.

We are not permitted to accept documentation printed from the internet e.g. internet bank statements. Proof of address documents must have been sent to you through the post.

Below are some FAQs to help you to locate accepted forms of ID. You are always welcome to email [email protected] to check that the ID you plan to show will be accepted by closure services before undertaking ID checks.

You can also contact Disclosure Services directly on 01978 510100.

What if I already have a DBS Certificate?

If you have signed up to the DBS Update Service, we will need to see your original certificate and obtain your consent to do a status check online.

If you have not signed up to the DBS Update Service, regrettably, we will need to start the process from the beginning, no matter how recent your DBS certificate is.

What do I do if I have no proof of address?

Proof of address is an essential part of a DBS ID check. For adults who do not receive posted utility bills or bank statements, the easiest solution is usually to call the bank/utility provider and request a bill or statement to be sent through the post.

Alternatively, if you have a driving license, this can be used provided your address is up-to-date on it.

For people aged 16-18 who are in full time education and do not have access to any proof of address documents, a letter from your Head Teacher/Head of Year where you study can be used as an exception. The letter needs to be on Headed paper and to state your address and that you are in full-time education.

Can I use a payslip or rental statement as ID?

No, it needs to be one of the documents specifically referred to in the Identification Guide.

What counts as a ‘Government letter giving entitlement’? Can I use one from Electoral Services?

A government letter needs to ‘give entitlement’. This means it needs to show that you receive some sort of benefit payments from the government. This includes Child benefit statements relating to anyone under the age of 18.

This means that letters from Electoral Services and other government letters are not accepted by Disclosure Services.

My ID has expired/is about to expire

All ID needs to be current. Please check carefully the timeframe for the document you wish to show (a full list is included in the ‘Evidence Documentation Guide’). Some documents, such as council tax statements, need to be dated within the last year; others within the last three months. We will need to submit your full application before the ID expires.

What if I’ve changed my name?

In addition to providing the three pieces of evidence for the purposes of the check, you will need to provide evidence of your change of name, such as a Deed Poll or Marriage Certificate. As long as this is provided, it doesn’t matter if some of your ID is in a past name.