Holiday Appeal

Like most eight-year-olds, Dylan is a cheeky, bubbly little boy. However, he’s also deafblind and has a rare condition called CHARGE. He has to be fed through a tube and can’t speak. Because of this, he misses out on a lot of the activities other children his age enjoy.

A boy with a horseThat’s why Sense Holidays are amazing - they give children who are deafblind the chance to have a break and enjoy activities that are designed with them in mind.

Dylan’s very limited sight and hearing mean the world can be a scary place for him and during the school holidays he misses the routine his specialist school gives him. But on his Sense Holiday, Dylan never had to feel scared. The staff on the holiday were lovely and friendly. Each child has their own one-to-one volunteer who is well-prepared to address their needs. Dylan’s volunteer was called Kate and she was on hand to help him throughout the week.

There are so many new sensory experiences for a child to try on a Sense Holiday. Dylan got to experience all the smells and sensations of a safari park, went sailing on a lake and took part in a multi-sensory drumming session.

Sadly, Sense Holidays are oversubscribed – there simply isn’t a space for every child who applies for one. This means that we are left with no choice but to turn away children who could really benefit from a confidence-boosting holiday. That’s why we need your help.
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Will you give a gift today and help send a child who is deafblind on a Sense Holiday?

£15 could pay for a child to go sailing and feel the wind blowing in their hair and the boat rocking beneath their feet on the open water.

£50 could pay for two drumming workshops, which Dylan loved so much, and which can stimulate the senses of children who are deafblind through vibrations.

£100 could pay for a group of children who are deafblind to go on an amazing multi-sensory adventure at a safari park where they can hold exotic snakes and lizards, and take a bumpy ride on a miniature steam train.

Please help make sure children who are deafblind don’t miss out on a week of wonderful sensory experiences.

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First published: Tuesday 28 March 2017
Updated: Monday 5 June 2017