People who are deafblind who want to work should be supported to fulfil their potential through employment

People who are deafblind can work, however many will need specialist support to enable them to do so.  We campaign to ensure those people who are deafblind who want to work get the support they need to gain employment and those who are already working are supported to do their job well and can progress in their career.

What we are doing

We seek to influence government officials, MPs and professional bodies to ensure people who are deafblind benefit from the government’s commitment to halve the disability employment gap.

Realising aspirations for all - Employment Report

Useful resources

Read our report to find out about the barriers people who are deafblind face when looking for work and when in employment and learn about the solutions that can help more people who are deafblind to gain and sustain employment.

Read the Employment Report

Download the PDF (2.7MB)
Download the Word document (74KB)

Employment Guide for Employers

Employers can sometimes struggle to know how to support people with sensory impairments. This short guide gives an introduction to important things they should be aware of when employing someone with sensory impairments.

Employment guide for employers PDF (612 KB)
Employment guide for employers Word (62 KB)

Employment Factsheet for Healthcare Workers

This short factsheet contains information to raise awareness of deafblindness, and the support available when someone who is deafblind wishes to work.

Employment factsheet for healthcare workers PDF (59 KB)
Employment factsheet for healthcare workers Word (52 KB)

I want to work. An employment guide for people with sensory impairmentsEmployment Toolkit

This toolkit provides information, guidance, and useful resources for people with sensory impairments who are both looking for work or currently employed. It gives tips on applying for jobs, preparing for interviews, and discussing work adjustments in a job. It also includes template CVs and tips for writing cover letters, or applying for volunteering roles. 

Employment Toolkit PDF (1 MB)
Employment Toolkit Word (94 KB)

First published: Thursday 1 September 2016
Updated: Wednesday 25 October 2017