VOCA: how I get on with my communication aid

Maria, who is supported by Sense, reviews her Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCA) – just in time for Christmas.

My name is Maria and I am supported at the day centre TouchBase South East

I communicate through BSL and my VOCA, and I also like people to verbally communicate with me because I use hearing aids.

What is a VOCA and how does it work?

A VOCA is like an iPad but it’s used for communication. You click on the letters and pictures on the keypad and it speaks out the sentence you write.  

I have a VOCA to help me communicate. I bought it in 2017. It’s ok to use but there are some challenges. VOCA is good for school but not as good for me every day.

At school, the nurse would help me use it and understand how to use it. Even though I sometimes find it hard to use, I still use it every day.

What do you like about your VOCA?

I like being able to type and I find it easier. The best thing about a VOCA is that it talks.      

What do you not like about it?

It can be quite slow sometimes. It would be easier to use if the sound was louder. The battery could be better, as it runs out of charge easily.

Would you recommend it to someone to support their communication and why?

I think people should try one first, and if they like it, they should buy it. Overall, I would recommend it, because it’s a good way to communicate. It would make a lovely Christmas present for someone who needs it.

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