One fundraiser, pushing boundaries

Jenny, who leads our community and events fundraising teams, shares how one amazing supporter has made all the difference to Sense.

It’s been a gruelling few months for supporter Rob Lloyd. Earlier this year, the former Channel 4 ‘Secret Millionaire’ decided to take on 12 months of ambitious challenges for Sense. Calling it ‘Rob’s Senseless Challenge,’ Rob has been pushing boundaries with challenges ranging from skydiving to SAS training. This week, he’s running the London Marathon.

We’re so grateful to Rob for dedicating his year to raising vital funds for Sense. We can’t thank him enough.

Ever since Rob came to Sense in 2018 and applied to run the London Marathon for us, he has blown us away with his enthusiasm, creativity and passion to support people with complex disabilities. Rob’s support has allowed us to raise more funds through our shops, open new services and engage more people with what Sense does across the country.

When Rob first told us his plans for the year, we thought that he was being incredibly ambitious. He would have to juggle training for grueling challenges alongside a demanding day job and his family life. We should have known that he was going to take on each of these challenges with his trademark resolve. In fact, he’s got stuck into even more challenges than we expected, taking on four challenges in one month alone!

Rob is continually inspiring people across Sense and in communities across the UK. He is determined, resilient and with over £50,000 fundraised to date, is making an incredible impact to the lives of people who are deafblind or have complex disabilities.

We’re looking forward to his future challenges and seeing how he will push himself further for Sense.

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