Policy, public affairs and research

The policy, public affairs and research team at Sense leads our work on influencing government and policy makers. They’re responsible for managing all of our relationships with parliamentarians, civil servants and wider decision makers.  

We want to make meaningful differences in the lives of the people supported by Sense. To do this, we help decision makers to understand more about the lives of people with complex disabilities.

By listening to disabled people and learning more about the lives of them and their families, we can ensure that our policy and campaign work is grounded in the experiences of disabled people. Our research section shows our latest research.

Our research provides insight and knowledge that help the general public, decision makers, and organisations to make changes that benefit people who are deafblind or have other complex disabilities.

Key areas of focus

Our areas of policy focus are based around the needs of people with complex disabilities:

  • Adult social care.
  • Children’s social care.
  • SEND (Special educational needs and disabilities).
  • Welfare benefits.
  • Employment for disabled people.

We also monitor what opportunities there are to maximise our impact. Where possible, we work in coalitions with other organisations to ensure that the sector provides a more powerful and united voice. 

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If you are an MP, peer or from government and would like more information about the work of Sense and how you could be involved locally and nationally contact the team on [email protected].

If you are a researcher, or would like to know more about our policy research work please contact [email protected]