Visual transcript of ‘Getting into the spirit of Christmas with Martin’ video

About this video

This video accompanies a story by Audrey, Martin’s sister, about his incredible journey with Sense.

Visual transcript

The film starts with Martin, a middle-aged man with dark skin, dressed in winter outerwear. He leaves his home with a Sense support worker. He gets into the back seat of his car. 

Sobiah: Christmas for Martin has improved so much over the years. Now, at Christmas, we always go for a pre-Christmas dinner where staff will take Martin out and then he’ll have his miniature Christmas party with a couple of members of staff. 

We see Sobiah. She is wearing a burgundy dress and a brown hijab. She is sitting in Martins back garden speaking to camera. We then see Sobiah and Martin back at Martin’s home. Sobiah is platting up Martin’s favourite meal of fish and chips. 

Martin sits down to enjoy his food. 

Sobiah: We actually make him a Christmas dinner and get him involved in the process of cooking his Christmas meal, opening presents throughout the day and Martin doesn’t get a small amount of presents. 

He gets presents from Secret Santa, other service users, and then opening presents in an another environment, not his home. 

So it might just be everyday things for me and you, but it’s definitely been positive for Martin. 

We see Martin and Sobiah standing on the grass outside the front of his bungalow.  

Two dots fade into scene. Orange on the left and purple on the right. The dots spin around the screen then comes together in the centre, forming two hands with the letter S in the middle. This is the Sense logo. Text appears below the logo. 

Voiceover: Sense. No one left out of life