Descriptive transcript – “Chapman’s virtual buddy opened the door to friendship” video

About this video

This video accompanies a written account of Chapman’s journey with Sense Virtual Buddying, written by Chapman’s dad, Chun.

Chapman and his Sense Virtual Buddy, Gabby, found a meaningful connection through their weekly sessions.

A pair of hands play the piano, they belong to Chapman. The next shot shows Chapman to be a young Asian man, wearing a smart shirt and thick black sunglasses. He concentrates as he plays.

Jerry: Chapman’s 13 years old, is blind and lives with a learning disability. Chapman found it really hard when forming friendships. That’s why it’s been  great to see Chapman connect with his virtual buddy Gabby.

Jerry is a Sense Virtual Buddying assistant. He has a short beard and glasses, and is speaking to camera from a sofa.

An iPad is balanced on top of the grand piano as Chapman plays. On the screen is a video call from a young woman long dark hair, this is Gabby.

Jerry: Through Sense, he has found true friendship.

Gabby starts clapping as Chapman’s piano piece comes to an end.

Gabby: Wow, Chapman, that was amazing!

Chapman: Thank you, Gabriella.

Chapman is now sitting with the grand piano behind him. His head is lowered slightly as he speaks.

Chapman: My buddy is Gabriella, she’s amazing.

Gabby and Chapman are on a video call together, Gabby calling in from her bedroom at home while Chapman sits in his family living room.

Chapman: I enjoy chatting and playing music with her.

Gabby stands in her room playing her flute, a scene that is visible on Chapman’s iPad. He plays the piano while listening to the flute over the video call.

Gabby: My very first session with Chapman, he was very shy and quiet. Going into it, I knew he was quite isolated. Most of his social interactions were with his family.

Gabby is speaking to camera from her room. Chapman sits at home, alone by the window.

In the next shot, Chapman is sitting on the sofa with his dad, who pulls him close. They are smiling and jostling together.

Gabby: It was sort of my role to try and expose him to more relationships and to different people so that he can gain that confidence.

Now the iPad showing Gabby, is balanced on a wooden organ in the family living room. Chapman is sat in front of the instrument but is not playing. He can Gabby are just chatting.

Gabby: To overcome some of those communication challenges with Chapman, we do a lot of music.

On the video call, Gabby leads Chapman into song.

Gabby: Okay, well, we’re going to go ahead with the Tube song. Shall we start?

Chapman singing: Brixton, Barbican, Chorleywood, Amersham…

Gabby: It was good that we had that link because then you can really see a bit more of his confidence come out, and then exploring and trying completely different things that he may have never done before, like baking.

In the kitchen, Chapman stands at a counter whisking an egg in a bowl. He’s smiling and laughing while Gabby, via the iPad, talks him through the steps to baking.

Gabby: I can see how Chapman has grown and changed over the course of our sessions. He’s definitely come out of his shell and he’s more chatty.

Cutting away from Gabby talking to the camera and back to the kitchen, Gabby is instructing Chapman.

Gabby: Okay, yeah we’ll mix the eggs in a little bit.

Chapman laughing: Oh, is this funny!

Gabby: I think with the Sense Virtual Buddying friendship, it will just help him develop his confidence, building relationships with people, making connections…

Chapman and Gabby each play on a small xylophone during their video call.

Gabby:…and hopefully start to gain some independence so that he can realise that the world is his oyster and he just grow as a person.

A framed certificate in Chapman’s home shows that he won the ‘Sense Young Person of the Year’ award in 2023.

Chapman, sitting with the grand piano behind him, speaks to camera.

Chapman: I joined the Buddying programme for over one year now.

In the next shot, Chapman’s hands carefully raise the lid of the piano to reveal the keys.

Chapman: If I can do it, you can do it too.

Chapman plays the piano as the screen fades to white.