Could you benefit from the Thames Water Priority Services Register?

Did you know that if you need a little extra support – and you’re a Thames Water customer  – you can sign up for their free Priority Services Register?

“It puts me at ease that Thames Water are out there doing something to try and be there for people like me and other disabled people.”


They support thousands of people every year, making life a little easier with services including:

  • Tailored communications to suit your needs (for example, if you need your bills in braille or large print).
  • A dedicated phone line you can call for support at any time.
  • A doorstep password to help you feel confident it’s Thames Water at the door.

By getting to know your individual needs, they can always give you the right kind of support. 

Get support that’s tailored to you

Find out more about how to sign up for the Priority Services Register at the Thames Water website.