Sensory Tea Party games

Entertain your party guests with these simple sensory games that everyone can enjoy!

What goes well with tea and cake? Party games of course!

We've put together some our of favourite sensory party games for you to enjoy with your guests. 

We'd love to see you taking part in the games – share your pictures on social media with the hashtag #SensationalTeaParty

Jelly Bellies

Get a wide assortment of jelly bean flavours and get everyone to guess the flavours with their eyes closed. The person with most correct answers wins!

Top tip: why not make it really interesting with some odd flavours? How about tabasco or grass cutting flavoured jelly beans...

Bowl of jellybeans

Pen Pals

Get two guests to sit back-to-back and ask one to draw a picture on a piece of paper.

That guest then has to describe how they did their drawing to the other person – who must try their best to draw the same thing.

The closest copy wins!

Person drawing on a piece of paper

The Sniff Test

Line up cotton wool balls and add a different essential oil to each one – oils like lavender, cinnamon and pine are a good place to start.

Ask your guests to smell each one and write their guesses down.

The best nose with the most correct answers wins!

Cotton wool in a jar

Keep planning your Sensational Tea Party

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