Sensational Tea Party frequently asked questions

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Before your Tea Party

Do I have to make all the cakes for my Tea Party?

Of course not, we’re just happy that you’re hosting! You certainly don’t have to win master baker, and shop bought cakes are perfectly fine. If cakes aren’t your thing at all, why not try sophisticated sandwiches and other savoury treats? 

Can I organise my Sensational Tea Party on any day I like?

The official weekend for the Sensational Tea Party 2021 is 15th-17th October but we know this won’t work for everyone. You can host yours whenever you like, but as close to those dates as possible would be fantastic! 

How do I get another donation box or poster?

Before your event, you should receive an email with a link to access our online hub – there you’ll find a printable version of the poster and a donation box cut-out. If you don’t have access to a printer, then get in touch with our team at However please note, as we’re being mindful of the environment, we may not have all items available to order. 

Can you help me promote my Sensational Tea Party?

As much as we’d love to, unfortunately we are unable to promote individual events. Our amazing Sense fundraisers have previously found that sharing your event among your networks on social media and in the local community is the best way to spread the word.

During your Tea Party

Can I share photos of my Sensational Tea Party on social media?

Absolutely! We’d love to see you enjoying your Sensational Tea Party and get a glimpse into all the fun you’re having. Use the hashtag #SensationalTeaParty so that we can like, share and celebrate with you! 

Should I take precautions due to coronavirus?

You can choose to host your Sensational Tea Party inside, outside or online – it’s completely up to what makes you and your guests the most comfortable. Please remember to check what your local guidelines are on the date of your Tea Party and if appropriate, apply social distancing rules and wear masks as required.

After your Tea Party

How do I pay in my donations?

The easiest way to manage your guest’s donations is to set up a JustGiving page. It'll only take a few minutes to set up, and you can can send your unique link to anyone who needs it – it takes the hassle out of sorting cash and paying it in.

Find out other ways you can pay in your fundraising.

Keep planning your Sensational Tea Party

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