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Are you still looking for your lightbulb moment? That flash of brilliance? We are here to help with some of our favourite ideas from other members of Team Sense!

Promise auction – If you are short on items for an auction but have willing friends or family with time to spare, why not auction that off? Perhaps your dad is a whizz with the lawnmower or your sister can make a car sparkle like no one else? Showcase their secret talents and get some dosh in return!

Sweets in the jar – A classic but with a twist. Rather than looking to guess how many sweets or marbles are in a clear jar, use an opaque one and get your contestants to feel how many there are. It’s harder than you think!

The taste test – Test your tastebuds and see whether your friends are able to identify foods and smells when blindfolded. Baby food seems to be an important part of this one and it also highlights how much we can rely on our sight in our everyday life.

Pub quiz – An oldie but a goodie! It seems that the lure of a drink, competitive question answering and spending time with friends and family is still a winning combination. But it doesn’t have to be in a pub…how about an impromptu quiz in the office or take it online using Facebook Live!

Foodie feast – Food can bring people together like nothing else. Whether it is hosting a pot luck dinner where people bring their signature dishes or you host your very own cake off, the purses are sure to be opened. Who can say no to something yummy?

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