Sense Walks

Sense Walks

24-30 June 2019
Organise a Sense Walk in your area to help us raise awareness for Sense and bring your community together.

Step out for Sense
Gather your colleagues, friends and the people we support – and anyone else who wants to come along! – and help raise the profile of Sense and spread the word about the support we provide to the people in your local community.

We’d love you to step out for Sense this Deafblind Awareness Week (24-30 June). Whether you’re a Sense shop, service, branch or group, you’re someone we support, or you’re brand new to Sense – the more people we have spreading the word about all we do, the more communities we can reach and the more we can achieve together!
And we’ll be with you every step of the way – register your walk with us and you’ll get a fabulous toolkit and goodies to help you plan, run and promote your Sense Walk.

Register your own walk.

Join a walk - you can sign up to attend:
Sense Walk Caerphilly
Sense Walk Birmingham
Sense Walk Peterborough

There are also walk happening in: 

Wednesday 26 June, 10.30am
Please email if you wish to join. 

Wednesday 26 June, 11am
Please email if you wish to join.

Tuesday 25 June, 10.30am
Please email if you wish to join.

Tuesday 25 June, 11am
Please email if you wish to join.

A large group of people walking on a street wearing orange tshirts

5 steps to organising your own walk

  1. Choose a day during Deafblind Awareness Week (24-30 June) to hold your walk.
  2. Set a location and decide on a route for the walk - why not start and end the walk at your Sense shop or service so people can find out more about Sense before and after the walk.
  3. Register your walk with us below so that we can send you our toolkit with more tips and materials for the walk.
  4. Spread the news in your community about the walk – the more people take part, the merrier!
  5. Why not step up your game and do some fundraising for your walk?

Sense Walks’ first steps

The initiative is inspired by Roger Mulholland. Deafblind, from Exeter, Roger died aged 29 in September 2015. In his 29 years he amassed an incredible list of achievements, supported in many by Sense. In June 2015, Roger organised a sensory walk for deafblind people, and those from the wider community, in Exeter.

In 2016, inspired by the memory of Roger, a mass sensory walk took place in Exeter, led by the Deputy Lord Mayor. We were so inspired by Roger’s Walk, that we decided to make walks a part of every Deafblind Awareness Week.