Run 53

February 2020

53% of disabled people feel lonely. Help Sense to change this by raising funds and taking on 53km over February.

Run 53 is Sense’s brand new event for 2020. Take on the challenge to run or walk 53km over February, wherever you want and whenever you want. Track your progress on your very own GivePenny fundraising page using Strava or logging your own distances to raise £100 and more with your milestones.

Sense believes that no one, no matter how complex their disabilities should be left out, isolated or unable to fulfil their potential. Join us and help us connect more people with their communities.

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Why is Run 53 different?

• Run 53 is a completely virtual event where the participants will be based all over the country and taking part in their local communities. You won’t need to travel to an event venue or follow a set route. How you complete your 53km is completely up to you!

• Run 53 takes place over a whole month and so you can complete it in as many or as few runs or walks as you want. Perhaps you want to do four long runs on Sunday…great! Maybe racking up the distance is covered by walking to and from work…excellent! However you want to run 53 is fine with us!

• You will still get a chance to be a member of #TeamSense, a virtual community of people who want to make sure that no one is left out, isolated or unable to fulfil their potential. You will get support from our brilliant Events Team but also the other people taking on Run 53 through our social media groups. 

What difference will I be making?

By raising funds for Sense, you will be helping to provide more support and activities for people who are deafblind or have other complex disabilities. 

Below are some of the ways that Sense are helping to bring people together and tackle the loneliness that is experienced by disabled people every day. 

• We run buddying schemes where we buddy up children and young people with complex sensory and communication needs with their non-disabled peers and develop friendships through shared interests and hobbies. We already run these in Tower Hamlets, East London and plan to expand these schemes across the country over the next three years. 

• We also run Sport programmes across the country, giving people with complex disabilities the opportunity to get involved with physical activity as well as the chance to meet other people and bond over sport. 

 Sense Arts sessions are also run all over the country and provide a creative outlet for people with complex disabilities to come together.

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