RidgeWalk video with audio description


The rising sun on the horizon in open countryside.

A throng of excited walkers pass spectators under an arch at the start of the RidgeWalk.

In matching orange and purple Ridge Walk t-shirts they trek along an ancient path that cuts between low lying fields.

Walkers with backpacks reach the brow of a hill as behind them, stretch breathtaking views.

Female walkers wave as they stroll together along the track at sunset.

At nightfall participants stop for a welcome break of hot food under gazebos, and smiling trekkers continue in the dark with head-torches.

A sign reads “The Ridge Walk – Nearly There” and a woman shakes her fists triumphantly.

A male walker holds up his friend’s hand jubilantly as an excited little boy rushes forward to hug him.

Three comrades stride across a sunny field as they near the end, and a pair of women high-five at the finish.

Friends and loved ones congratulate the trekkers on their journey as they raise a toast with champagne.

A man receives his medal. A banner reads, “You’re Amazing! - Sense.”