Pass on joyful moments

Remember A Charity Week, 7-13th September

Now more than ever Sense is relying on gifts in Wills to help our work live on.  

Thanks to people who have kindly left a gift to Sense in their Wills, children who are deafblind and their families are getting the specialist support they need to communicate and live happier lives now and in the future.

Remember A Charity Week, from 7-13th September, is the perfect opportunity to consider passing on something wonderful by leaving a gift in your Will. 

Sense, alongside over 200 charities are joining forces to raise awareness of what can and is being achieved thanks to gifts in Wills, and encouraging everyone to learn more about the power of Wills and to pass on something wonderful.

We know many people have recently been reflecting on what matters the most – family, friends and the causes close to your heart. Many have also been reminded of the value of planning for the future in order to look after the people and causes you care about.

Making a Will and leaving a gift to Sense is easier than you might think. 

After taking care of your loved ones, even a small amount can have a lasting impact and help to ensure that we are here to help children who are deafblind or living with complex disabilities to communicate and experience the world for years to come. 

The coronavirus pandemic has really highlighted how critical our work is, connecting families and providing continuity of care, and we couldn’t have done it without our supporters. Children who are deafblind or have complex disabilities are among some of the most marginalised in our society – they can often feel left out and isolated, because so much of the world simply isn’t set up for their needs. And yet, with the right support system behind them, they can experience so much joy in their lives - support that depends heavily on gifts in Wills. That’s why I’ve remembered Sense in my own Will, and it felt like a very natural and easy decision to make. It brings me joy to think that I’m not only looking after my own family, but I’ll be passing on joy to children who are deafblind, their families and people who rely on our specialist support too.”

Richard Kramer, Sense Chief Executive

gift in your Will, will have an incredible impact on the lives of children who are deafblind and living with complex disabilities. In fact, without gifts in Wills, the children, families and people we support, may have been left out of life, and unable to achieve everything that was always possible for them.  

If you are considering leaving a gift in your Will to Sense or you would like more information on how to do so, please visit our gifts in Wills page, email: or call: 0300 330 9257.  #RememberACharityWeek