Our legacy promise to you

  • We will spend the gifts you entrust to us wisely, so they have the greatest impact for people with complex disabilities, including those who are deafblind.
  • We won’t put you under any pressure, we understand this is an important decision and will allow you to decide in your own time.
  • Friends and family come first. We respect that and won’t try to change it.
  • We know that circumstances change and will understand if you need to change your mind.
  • We will treat your family and next of kin respectfully and sensitively.
  • If you would like your gift to be used in an area or service that is special to you we will arrange it as far as possible.
  • We will answer any questions you have honestly and quickly.
  • If you say you want to hear from us less, or not at all, we’ll listen. 
  • We will not sell or share your personal information with anyone.
  • We will follow the Code of Fundraising Practice set out by the Fundraising Regulator and are members of the Direct Marketing Association.

We always welcome your feedback, so please let us know how we are doing by contacting our Legacy Manager, Leesa Mathiesen. Telephone 0207 014 9347 or email legacy@sense.org.uk.

We promise to listen and act on what you tell us.