How to leave a gift in your Will

We recommend you find a solicitor, and choose the type of gift that's right for you.

Every single gift we receive makes a big difference, helping children and adults living with complex disabilities to connect with the world around them and lead full and meaningful lives. 

We receive gifts of all sizes and every gift makes a lasting difference to the people we support.

There are four main types of gift that you can leave to Sense in your Will.

A share of your estate

After family and friends are provided for, you can leave a share of what remains to Sense. This type of gift (also known as a residuary gift) means you are less likely to need to update your Will in future, as it keeps up with inflation.

A fixed sum of money

You can leave an exact sum of money to Sense, for example £1,000. It is often worth reviewing this type of gift (also known as a pecuniary gift) from time to time, as inflation can affect its value.

A specific gift

You can also choose to leave us a specific gift, for example a piece of furniture, jewellery or even a property.

A reversionary gift

This gift provides financial support for a loved one who is deafblind or has other complex disabilities after your death. In the sad event of their passing, all or part of the remaining estate can be left to Sense or other causes that are close to your heart.

How to make your Will

As a Sense supporter we are offering you the chance to write or update a simple Will for free. It’s a great opportunity to make a first Will or update your current one – without having to worry about the cost. To make a Will, read more about our Free Will Service.

If you would prefer to use your own solicitor, search the Law Society website or call their enquiry line on 020 7242 1222.

All you have to do is give your solicitor our details, below, and they will do the rest.

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We're here to help

We know that leaving a gift in your Will is a big decision.

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