Free Live Webinar: Planning for the Future of a person with complex disabilities with Wills and Trusts

Thursday 25 March 2021, 10am – 12pm

For families and carers of a person living with complex disabilities, it’s vitally important to make arrangements and properly plan for the future when you are no longer there to support them.

On Thursday 25 March 2021, specialist lawyer Philip Warford from Renaissance Legal will talk to parents and carers about how you can plan for the future using carefully prepared Wills and Trusts, the importance of making a Will; Choosing Executors and guardians; Beneficiaries of your Will and Trusts that may need to be set up.

Philip will explain how a Trust can be a useful tool to help manage funds for a person with a disability, throughout their lifetime and how setting up a Trust will protect their vulnerability and any potential financial abuse; Allow the assets to be managed by people you choose; and to protect their entitlement to means tested benefits and support.

He will also talk about the two main Trust options available to you - a Discretionary Trust and a Disabled Person’s Trust and explain the differences and how personal circumstances, flexibility and value all play a part in deciding which Trust suits your family.

In addition, a member of our Policy and Campaigns Team will talk through our planning toolkit ‘Decisions to Make, Steps to take’.  The toolkit was created as part of our When I’m Gone Campaign which highlighted 77% of families find planning for the future difficult as the system can be difficult to understand and navigate. 

If you would like to attend please fill in the form below or call our friendly Supporter Services Team on: 0300 330 9257 (Monday – Friday from 9-5pm)

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