Leave a gift in your Will

By leaving Sense a gift in your Will, you can make sure that no one living with complex disabilities is isolated, left out, or unable to fulfil their potential.

A lasting legacy

Our work to empower children and families to connect with the world started over 60 years ago with two mums. Gifts in Wills help us to continue their legacy.

For more than 60 years, Sense has been there for children and adults who are deafblind or have other complex disabilities.

Our mission today remains the same as in 1955 when our founders, Peggy Freeman and Margaret Brock, first met.

The two mums had contracted rubella while pregnant and, as a result, gave birth to babies who were deafblind. Both families felt isolated. Both needed support. And both faced many barriers to communicating and connecting with their children.

Together with other families in the same situation, Peggy and Margaret founded Sense.

Their determination to break down barriers and give their children every opportunity to thrive created a lasting legacy – one that continues today through our services, specialist Sense Centres and passionate campaigning.

We know that when you are thinking about your Will, your family and friends come first.

But, if you do decide to leave a gift to Sense, you will give children and adults living with complex disabilities the opportunity to fulfil their potential – and leave a lasting legacy into the future.

Where can I find out more?

Download a copy of Sense’s factsheet below, or to request a hard copy please contact Sense Information and Advice.

Leaving money in Trust for someone who is deafblind or has complex disabilities

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    Sense Legacy Factsheet (969kb)

    This factsheet is designed to help explain how a Trust can be used to provide financial support for someone who is deafblind or with complex disabilities throughout their lifetime.

I’ve been supporting Sense for six years. As a mother of a child with rubella I know the problems facing children who are deafblind and their families. My heart goes out to every one of them. If leaving something in my Will benefits future generations of people who are deafblind, I’ll be incredibly pleased.

Maureen Coward, Sense supporter

The difference gifts in Wills make

Gifts in Wills account for a quarter of our fundraised income. They help ensure that Sense is there as long as needed to offer children and adults with complex disabilities the support to be all they can be.

A gift in your Will could offer a toddler specialist support so they can learn to communicate, enable a child to try new activities on a Sense holiday as well as ensure Sense is there as they grow older, so they will never be without the specialist support they need to reach their potential.

I consider your work for people who are deafblind – particularly children – beyond price. My mother supported you in her lifetime and I’ll do the same.

Mr A N Ball, Sense supporter

Kiera's story

A young girl with eyes closed, seated in front of a sofa

Kiera, who is completely blind and has only a little hearing, can find busy environments stressful, which means that everyday activities such as going to the park or visiting a friend’s house can be difficult. She relies on touch to know someone is with her, which can be very lonely.

At one of our Sense Centres, Kiera can explore and play safely, using hand-under-hand signing to get used to her surroundings and try new activities.

It’s amazing for Kiera to be at the centre where children and adults will pick up her hands. She will know she is around people who understand her and will make new friends.

Ashling, Kiera’s mum

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We're here to help

We know that leaving a gift in your Will is a big decision.

If you have any questions about gifts in Wills, or our work, please contact our Legacy Manager, Leesa Mathiesen.

Telephone 0207 014 9347 or email legacy@sense.org.uk