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Will you help us take a child like Bronte, who is deafblind, on a Sense Holiday?

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Will you help us take a child like Bronte, who is deafblind, on a Sense Holiday?

Sense Holidays are invaluable to children like Bronte

What makes a great holiday for you? Perhaps it’s exploring somewhere new, or trying something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Or maybe it’s simply being able to relax and recharge.

No matter what makes your ideal holiday, I’m sure you agree it’s important to have that chance to get away.

That’s especially true for children who are deafblind – children like 11-year-old Bronte.

A girl lying on a soft rug, arms out in front and smiling

Bronte can only see about a metre in front of her. She has hearing loss, cannot speak or use sign language, and uses a wheelchair.

You can imagine what a challenge it can be for her parents to find somewhere to take her on holiday. Most places just aren’t set up for children like her, and sadly that means Bronte misses out.

But not on a Sense Holiday.

A young girl lying on a rug, beside a woman, both are placing their hands in a bowl of very bubbly water

For one week, children who are deafblind have a holiday that’s entirely built around them.

Last year, Bronte enjoyed a variety of activities on a Sense Holiday, each one designed to encourage her to make the most of her senses. Bronte particularly enjoyed her trip to the farm with its different smells and textures, as well as the sensation of the animals nuzzling her hands as she fed them.

A girl in a wheelchair on a giant swing, helped by two people

An outing to an accessible children’s park was another highlight, where Bronte tried out a special wheelchair swing. Now she will always remember the ‘whooshing’ sensation of being on a swing, flying through the air with the wind in her face – a very special childhood memory.

Sense Holidays are quite often the only chance for a child like Bronte to try new activities, make friends, and have a week away where everything is tailored to their needs – but they simply wouldn’t be possible without you.

Will you help send another child on a Sense Holiday?

If you can give a gift before our deadline on 11 May 2018, you can help another child like Bronte enjoy a week-long adventure away from their parents where they can experience new things and meet new people, all in an environment that's tailored to their needs and interests.

  • £10 could pay for another child to go to the Thomley Hall activity centre, which Bronte enjoyed so much on her holiday.
  • £50 could pay for another four children to visit a farm and meet the animals.
  • £100 could pay for a child like Bronte to enjoy a new activity on each day of their holiday.

Whatever you can give, thank you so much for your support.