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Young girl bouncing up and down on a fun fair ride.
Exciting new activities

Sense Holidays are jam-packed with activities that can boost a child’s confidence, and increase their understanding of the world. Each child is supported by an experienced volunteer, and activities are adapted to meet the child’s individual needs – so there’s nothing standing in the way of exciting activities like sailing, swimming, or even riding a pony!

Young people in a pick your own strawberry field showing off their harvest.
A first taste of independence

Children who are deafblind will need support throughout their lives, and for many, a Sense Holiday is their first taste of independence. Crucially, Sense Holidays also give parents - often full-time carers to their children - the vital opportunity to rest, and spend time quality with other family members.

Smiling, happy young girl in a wheelchair at a restaurant
Making new friends

Sense Holidays offer children who are deafblind the wonderful opportunity to communicate and play with other children of a similar age. Not only can this result in long-lasting friendships, but it can also help to build a child’s confidence and help them come out of their shell.

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How your gift can help

£25 could pay for another three children like Teegan to visit the farm on a Sense Holiday this year. On this trip, children can experience the wonder of meeting new animals for the first time, like soft furry rabbits and feathery chickens.

£50 could pay for group of six children to experience all the fascinating sights and smells of the wildlife park, which Teegan loved on her Sense Holiday.

£100 could pay for a whole forest school session for a group of children at Macaroni Wood. They’ll try out daring activities that will inspire their senses, such as fire lighting, shelter building and even cooking on an open fire!