Christmas appeal

This Christmas, you could help a child like Luca learn to communicate and enjoy the excitement of the most special time of year.

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Your gift of £10 could help pay for another child like Luca to attend a Sensory Explorers session to help develop communication through play.

When Luca was born, he was diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects his ability to see, hear and balance.

Luca’s parents, Faye and Ben, were terrified he wouldn’t be able to communicate, or enjoy things that other children do.

But, with Sense’s support, Luca has learnt to connect with the world around him.

Learning signs has helped Luca and his family to communicate at a level Faye and Ben had thought might not be possible.

Specialist Sense staff supported Luca to learn ‘hand under hand’ signing, before gradually introducing British Sign Language and Makaton. Over time, Luca began to associate signs, objects and sounds with ideas, things and actions. He was communicating!

Knowing signs helps Luca get more out of the thing he loves most in the world – music.

A young boy, woman and man sit on a sofa beside a Christmas tree, wearing Father Christmas hats

And now, Luca’s not just enjoying music, he’s making it too. He loves nothing more than to sign and sing at our pre-school Sensory Explorers group. Luca’s favourite is ‘Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star’, which he signs in Makaton.

Learning to use British Sign Language and Makaton involves a lot of repetition, trial and error, and expertise. That’s why your support is so vital.

Your support gives our expert staff the time they need with families to help children like Luca to communicate and make the most of Christmas.

A young boy wearing a Christmas hat and a woman, opening a wrapped present
A young boy wearing a Christmas hat, smiling

Your support can make a huge difference to their future

Send a Christmas gift today to help a Sense specialist teach another child like Luca to communicate with their family.