Working in Partnership

We work in partnership with a range of other charities and organisations across the social care sector to influence and campaign for the rights of people with complex disabilities.

Sense is a member of a number of coalitions that work together to affect change at a national level. These include:  

Care and Support Alliance 

A large coalition of over 75 of Britain’s leading charities campaigning for a properly funded social care system for disabled people, older people and carers. The CSA seeks to influence Government regarding the reform of social care and highlighting the care and support needs of older people, disabled adults and carers. Find out more about the Care and Support Alliance. 

Disabled Children’s Partnership

A major coalition of more than 70 organisations campaigning for improved health and social care for disabled children. We were part of the coalition’s #GiveitBack campaign in 2019 and this year have supported their work campaigning with families during the Covid-19 pandemic through the #Leftinlockdown campaign. Read more about the Disabled Children’s Partnership.

Disability Charities Consortium

10 national disability charities who work together to raise key issues impacting disabled people directly with Government.  As a consortium we meet regularly with the Minister for Disabled People and also input into the National Strategy for Disabled People 

Disability Benefits Consortium

A coalition of over 100 charities who are committed to working towards a fair benefits system for disabled people. Using the combined knowledge, experience and direct contact with disabled individuals and carers, we seek to ensure Government policy meets the needs of disabled people. Find out more about the Disability Benefits Consortium. 

Health and Wellbeing Alliance 

Sense is a member of the Health and Wellbeing Alliance as part of the Complex Needs Consortium (CNC), alongside The National Autistic Society and VoiceAbilityWe advise on how people with complex needs can, and should, be involved in decisions about health and social care. Find out more about the Complex Needs Consortium.