Support for disabled children: have your say

Share your experiences to help us improve support for children with complex disabilities and their families in the future.

Take part in the survey

You can help us make sure we're working on issues that matter to you.

By helping us understand the challenges you face if you have a child with complex disabilities, we'll be able to best represent families and understand any new issues that are impacting you.

Together we can make sure every child gets the support they need.

Other ways you can help

Focus groups

We'll be running focus groups with families who use our services and speaking to families individually about their experiences. Fill in the survey and we'll be in touch if you're eligible.

Media stories

We're looking for families to share their experiences with the media. Sharing your story can help us make things better for families like yours in the future. Fill in the survey and we'll get in contact if your story could be shared.

Shaping government policies which affect disabled children 

Unless you choose to share your details with us, the survey is completely anonymous. We won't share personal information that would mean that you could be identified, and we'll always get in touch with you before we share your story.

We'll share your suggestions with the government, so that together we can make sure that no child with complex disabilities is left out of life.

Government are launching a number of consultations this year that we'll be able to feed into, including the Independent Review into Children's Social Care, and the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Review.

Sharing your story with us before these are released means that we can suggest policies to government which will directly impact you.

What we're calling for

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Government to listen to the experiences of families with disabled children and make changes accordingly

The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Review must be published. This must work with the Independent Review into Children's Social Care, which your experiences could help us feed into, to make sure that children with complex disabilities and their families are at the heart of changes to the system.

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Children with complex disabilities must get support that meets their needs from vital services

Many children with complex disabilities struggle to get specialist support that meets their needs, such as physiotherapy or respite care. The pandemic has made this even harder. You can help us highlight to the government how important these services are.

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Government must fund vital care and support services that disabled children and their families rely on

We need Local Authorities and Schools to have the funding and resources to meet the needs of children with complex disabilities. Sharing your experiences can make sure that we can work with government to help families in the future get the support they need.