Left out of life campaign film transcript

Loneliness has disproportionally affected disabled people during the pandemic, and as we exit lockdown, thousands of people with disabilities still face loneliness and isolation every day. 

We believe that no one should be left out of life, and we're calling for the government to invest more in services to tackle loneliness and offer mental health support for disabled people. 

Film transcript

We see an open window onto a street. 

We can hear the sound of traffic outside. 

Inside the room we see a face  

They look sad, days roll into one. 

Their head drops into their hands. 

The room turns dark. 

We see the days of a month being crossed off. 

Before the pandemic, a third of disabled people would have less than an hour’s interaction with someone else, each day. And it’s worse now, with two thirds of disabled people experiencing chronic loneliness. 

A hand wipes the numbers away. 

Blank Screen. 

A face is drawn. This is Natalie. She looks straight at you. 

She says, ‘I can’t go out by myself. I can’t hear well enough to use the phone or see well enough for video calls, so it’s hard to keep in touch with people. Since the first lockdown, I’ve lost all the independence that I worked so hard for’. 

Her image fades. 

We see the face of Saihan. He’s 17. 

He says, “I was always left out and I lost confidence in myself. People used to run away from me. I wish more people understood.” 

Imagine if the world was different. Saihan smiles. 

We see two lines being drawn; they turn into two hands connecting. 

It’s the Sense logo 

Because no one should be left out of life. 

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