Sports Nutrition


Gels provide the easiest way to get this nutrition in. They are portable and easily digested by the body. There are so many options available that I am not going to recommend one type.

Try some different ones out and see what flavours and textures you enjoy. Some gels are really thick, others a lot gentler. Once you’ve found a brand you like, stick with them.

Part of the training is teaching the body (especially your guts) to tolerate these gels. It is a case of practice. So don’t give up after one go.


There are alternatives to using a gel. You can have dried fruit, jelly babies, sports beans or even a carbohydrate sports drink.

The issue with having your energy with a sports drink is that it might be too much fluid to take on.


Some gels are available with caffeine in them, and these, when used well, can be amazing.

You need to see how you respond to caffeine and make sure your guts can handle them.

What you’ll find is the caffeine gel just gives you that burst of focus when you take it. It’s a great pick me up later in the race. I wouldn’t suggest having all your gels as caffeine, but one or two later on in your run.

Practice practice practice

Nothing new on race day. Use the time now to practice taking on your sports nutrition and get it right for race day.

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