Social Media terms of use

Thank you for being part of Sense’s social media.

By using our social media, you agree to our terms of use and agree to behave in a respectful way to all other users of our social media– this includes commenting on our social media posts, sharing our social media posts and direct messages. These terms of use are designed to help maintain a positive and helpful online presence while fostering a safe and respectful environment for all its users.

Behaving and being respectful towards others on our platforms means you do not:

  • Use our social media pages in any way that prevents, disrupts of interferes with any other person’s use of the platform.
  • Abuse, harass, or intimidate any other users.
  • Upload or publicise any materials through the Sense social media channels which are false, offensive, sexually explicit, defamatory, or unlawful.
  • Post or send the same, or similar messages multiple times through our pages (Spam).
  • Share any information which is confidential to any other person.
  • Attempt to hack into Sense’s social media accounts.

If we believe that you’ve not complied with these terms of use, we may:

  • Refuse your further use of and/or access to our social media pages.
  • Remove and/or edit any of your comments on our social media pages.

Each social media website will also have its own terms of use that will also apply to your use of those pages.

Please note that Sense takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for anything that you or any other person or third-party posts or sends on our social media channels