Winter Day - Movement with Imagination

With elements of drama, movement and mindfulness, this class offers the chance to exercise both the mind and body, get your creative juices flowing and have lots of fun! Each session will follow the 'Winter Day' theme and encourages participants to use their imagination.

Taking part in this activity will allow you to learn something new whilst having fun with others, develop your social skills and will support you to carry out everyday tasks.

Who is this for?

This activity is suitable for anyone, no previous experience is necessary. The instructor will provide appropriate modifications to suit your level. This activity is created for people with complex disabilities and/or a visual impairment but can be enjoyed by anyone.

About our activity leader

This activity is led by Norma Pearson, a visually impaired drama practitioner with extensive experience in performing arts. She is friendly, lively and considerate towards all members of the group.

For more information

For more information or support when booking this session, please contact Hannah Lane:  [email protected] or 07825 174 938