Summer Activities at Sense Family Centre - Barnet

You are invited to join us at our Sense Family Centre in Barnet for a series of fun activities this summer.

Thursday 25th July - Switch activities

We will be doing all kinds of activities using switches; toys (animals, Disney, dinosaurs, trains, bubble machine) art, visual, listening and music, vibration, beauty, cooking, and more. This day will be especially suitable for those who have physical difficulties and need switches to access activities with more independence, but it’s not limited to them. Go away having done something new, and interesting using a switch.

Thursday 1st August - Free flow play

We will have a free flow play day with lots of different opportunities, music, craft and art, sensory room, stone painting, and switch activities. Go away having made something interesting and joined in with others.

Thursday 8th August - Sensory story

We will have a range of activities today but with a central theme of ‘Teddy bears picnic’ with art and craft, picnic food, and songs to share. As a central part of this we will share a sensory story. Go away having been down to the woods and had a surprise!

Thursday 15th August - Spa day

We will have a spa day – nails, foot spa, aromas, shampoo and blow dry, massage, vibrations, - hot towels, fruit cocktails, and smoothies. Most will also be accessible by switch users. While we hope to encourage a young adult atmosphere we will also welcome all ages. Go away feeling pampered and enriched.

Saturday, 17th August - Wild Painting.

On this day we will be outside, having great fun with paint. We will have painting on tables and washing off with buckets, throwing dry paints, spraying paints on the ground and more. Go away having made a mess! Please note; this event will be in the car park; you will be responsible for your child in a free environment. Everyone will get very messy – you will all need spare clothes, face wipes and possibly bin bags to sit on to go home. It’s raining? So what, we want you to get wet anyway!

Thursday 22nd August - Cooking

We will have a cooking day; with some baking, but also making smoothies, dips and healthy foods. The emphasis will be on interesting tastes and smells, along with physical activities such as crushing and smashing! Switch accessible activities will be available. Go away having made something delicious.

Thursday 28th August - Music day

This will be a music day. We will have a wide range of different instruments and sounds, which will include vibrations (so you don’t have to have good hearing). We will have switch accessible music making including our drum machines. We will have resonance boards. We have our large deep drums and chimes as well as lots of other music making and singing activities. Go away having enjoyed sharing sounds and vibrations.

Who is it for?

Children, Young People and their families who are supported by the Children's MSI Service.

Further Information

Refreshments will be provided, please bring your own lunches.

PARKING INFORMATION - Please note we are unable to provide parking spaces onsite, there is on-street pay-by-phone parking in the roads surrounding that accepts blue badges, please check signage in the bays as some are residential only. If you wish to drop off onsite and then move your car we can support with this.

We have a limited number of spaces available.

Making this booking does not guarantee a place at the event, is it an application to attend. Spaces are limited and priority will be given to families who have not yet attended this event/activity.

Please book 1 ticket per family.