Specialist Early Years Group - Sensory Explorers Birmingham

A specialist early years group delivered at our Sense Touchbase Pears Centre, providing activities and opportunities to develop play and communication skills. Our group takes place weekly during school term time.

What does the session involve?

Our MSI Practitioner will introduce a range of activities and songs in a familiar routine that encourage body awareness, cause and effect, introduction to signs and actions.

Who's it for?

The group is for children who have complex disabilities (including Deafblindness/Multi-sensory impairment or a vision or hearing impairment and additional needs), aged 0-5 years.

About the venue

Our Sense Touchbase Pears Centre is a fully accessible building, our Children's Room on the second floor is an open plan play space with access to a range of activities, sensory toys and accessible equipment. We also have a range of specialist toys and resources for families to use and borrow. Changing facilities are available on all floors. Onsite parking is available.

About our activity leader

Our group is led by our MSI Practitioners Anne and Karine who are part of the Children's MSI Service. They will welcome you and your child to our session and will guide you through each part of the activities, and most of all will ensure you have fun.

For more information

For more information about the Children's MSI Service please visit https://www.sense.org.uk/our-services/support-for-children/help-from-msi-specialists/

If you have any questions about the group you can email us at [email protected]