Children's Sensory Sport | Bristol

About the activity

Join us for a totally immersive, sensory experience of your favourite sports! Using lots of sensory equipment, participants get to experience the feels, sounds, tastes and smells of activities they might otherwise be unable to access. We will transport you to the Alps to go skiing, play tennis at Wimbledon or play volleyball on the beach!

We will focus on a particular type of sport each half term to allow children to start to develop certain skills and focus on personalised outcomes, such as balance, coordination or communication.

Please note - there will be no sessions during school holidays.

Who is this for?

This activity is suitable for any children aged between 4-11 with complex disabilities and/or sensory impairments. Parents or carers will be expected to support during the class, and siblings are also welcome to join in if numbers allow.

About our activity leader

These sessions will be led by Jenny Johnson from NOVA Sports & Coaching, a qualified coach in various sports including powerchair football, boccia and athletics. She has a huge amount of experience delivering inclusive sports to people with a wide range of disabilities in schools and in the community. She is super friendly, considerate and patient.

For more information

For more information or support booking this activity, please contact Alice Miller by emailing [email protected] or call 07599 104405