School's out, work's in! | Employability skills for School Leavers

Are you about to finish school or college and are not sure what comes next?

Leaving School can be scary and overwhelming, even if you know exactly what you want to do after you finish. If you are leaving school this year or have recently finished with education and are thinking about the next step, these sessions will support you to build and gain valuable skills to help with your journey. Whether you are looking at volunteering, paid employment or training and qualifications, Sense employment service is here for you.

Each week we will look at different employability skills to provide you with information and support. You can choose to attend all of the sessions, or just sign up for the ones that you think will be most beneficial for you.

Who is it for?

Anyone with complex disabilities that is leaving school this year or has left school in the last couple of years and wants to start looking for work.

Where is it?

The sessions will take place at Sense Hub Loughborough on Radmoor road, 10am - 12pm

What will it involve?

Week 1 (22/07) : Confidence building and exploring your career goals

This session is ideal for people who are just starting on their journey and want to build up their confidence and knowledge. You'll be given advice and tips on how to build your confidence, and we will start identifying your skills to help us build your CV. We can also help you figure out what type of work you'd be interested in doing. We try to get you as close to y our dreams as possible and look at how we can remove any barriers you might be facing.

Week 2 (29/07) : Creating amazing CVs and Cover letters

Whether you have a fully completed CV, a first draft or a blank page, this session will help you to create or update your CV to help you stand out to employers. We'll break down each section and talk about what to include and how to tailor it to the jobs you're applying for. We'll also talk about cover letters, how to make one, and when to use.

Week 3 (5/08) : Job searching and applications

In this session we will cover tips and advice to streamline your job searches and make sure you're being shown jobs that fit your requirements. We'll also go over some common application questions, how best to answer them, and touch on how/when you might choose to disclose your disability during the recruitment process.

Week 4 (12/08) : Interview techniques and preparation

This session will cover interview techniques and how to prepare. We'll discuss some of the common generic interview questions, why they are asked, and what they tell the employer about you. We'll also cover the STAR method which is an excellent tool to answer questions where you need to give an example or talk about a past experience. Also touched on will be what adjustments you can ask for at interview and how to broach this with employers.

Week 5 (19/08) : Additional support

This session will be for anyone that wants to go back over any previous topics, or who feels like they just need a bit more support. We can also give you information about the Sense employment Service and how we can continue to support you on your employment journey after these sessions are finished.

If you would like any more information or have questions, please feel free to contact our Loughborough employment coach at [email protected]