Making Sense of the MSI World

We are delighted to invite you to join our first family conference, bringing together children and young people who have multi-sensory impairments/deafblindness and their families; to learn, share experiences, meet with their peers and our team, and take part in fun activities.

There will be a range of workshops for parents and carers to join, providing support, information and discussion on a range of topics relating to multi-sensory impairment/deafblindness delivered by our specialists.

The day will be structured to include the children and young people so families can choose if they would like their child to join a workshop with them or for a trained volunteer to support their child with fun activities at the leisure club.

Wellbeing sessions will be on offer (1 session per family) to promote relaxation and wellbeing.

A leisure club will run for children with a range of exciting activities to take part in including arts, sports, sensory experiences. 0-13 year olds will be supported onsite and 14+yrs young people will be supported to access exciting activities in the community (if appropriate). The leisure club will be led by our team members and trained volunteers. Please note parent/carers are required to stay onsite during the conference and are responsible for their child's care and medical needs on the day.

Siblings will have their own tailored sessions, with 0-8 year olds staying onsite and 8+ year olds taking a trip offsite accessing some exciting activities.


Workshops to include...

Reaching out and making contact - We will look at ways to encourage interaction and develop movement for children for whom these are early and developing skills.  This will include looking at games and techniques for communicating and ways of using their home environment to engage children.

EHCP for you and your child - We will cover an Introduction to EHCPs, the EHCP process, graduated approach, how to use an EHCP, annual reviews and provide information on how Sense can support you through the EHCP process.

Not The Travel Fairy - This workshop will consider how children, especially children who cannot move themselves around much or at all, feel about the world they move in and how adults and families can help them to understand more about where they are and where they are going.

Transition to Adulthood - This workshop will consider; What is Transition, What needs to be considered to make transition as smooth as possible and What does a successful transition look like?

Tactile Exploration - This workshop will consider tactile exploration and the approaches we take when encouraging our children to explore. We will discuss and work together to consider what approaches may be better when introducing new or familiar objects. We will also consider the notion of ‘doing with not for’ and think about the approaches we are taking when supporting our children, particularly focussing on the ‘hand under hand approach’.

Making Stories Sensory - This workshop will look at practical ways of reading to children with multiple needs, and how to make a story ‘sensory’ in simple, practical ways at home. It will include a practical story telling as an illustration of working through a story. We will include some discussion about ‘why to read to children’.

We will continue to add more details to this page as more workshops are confirmed.

Who is it for?

Children, Young People and their families who are supported by the Children's MSI Service.

Further Information

Touchbase Pears is a fully accessible centre with facilities to make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible:

Blue badge holder parking
Level entry from car park to front doors
Disabled toilets
Changing facilities with tracking hoists
Hearing induction loops
Secure exercise and toilet areas for assistance dogs

The venue is easily accessible by train within walking distance of Selly Oak rail station.

The event is free of charge. Lunches and refreshments will be provided.

Please book 1 ticket per family.