Let's Enable Horse-ercise / Horse Therapy Session | Thursday 27th June 2024

Let’s Enable supports adults and young people with disabilities from Birmingham to enjoy the mental health benefits of companionship with horses and become more active by participating in horse care.

Sense Active and Let's Enable are working in partnership to ensure that people we support at Sense can engage with horses in a way that is appropriate and meaningful to them. On Thursday 27th June 2024, we will be hosting two types of horse-based activities in the garden at Sense TouchBase Pears as follows:

  • Horse-ercise: An exercise focussed session, whereby the participant takes part in a range of fun physical activities alongside a pony. Activities include walking and jogging with the pony; egg and spoon whilst leading the pony; attaching items to a belt worn by the pony; high knees / little steps / big strides whilst leading the pony. This session is aimed at people we support who enjoy a more energetic and movement focussed activity, and aims to develop fine and gross motor skills; improve coordination; increase cardiovascular fitness; improve muscle tone; and develop communication and decision making skills.
  • Horse Therapy: These sessions focus on the therapeutic benefits of being around and interacting with the ponies. Activities include grooming with adapted brushes, mucking out, making up feeds, leading the ponies, or simply spending time around the ponies and communicating with them in a meaningful way. This session is aimed at people we support who prefer a more relaxed activity and can support with being part of a community and making friends; increased communication (both verbal or non-verbal); improved mental well being; improved physical skills (fine and gross motor skills which can be used in their everyday lives). Click here to see a video of a horse therapy session in action (clicking the link will take you away from the Sense website to the Let's Enable website).

All sessions will last for 20 minutes. Horse-ercise sessions will take place in the morning slots, whilst Horse Therapy sessions will take place in the afternoon slots. Each Horse-ercise slot is limited to two people we support and each Horse Therapy session is limited to four people we support.

How to book

  1. Select the slot you would like to attend (ensure you select the suitable activity type - Horse-ercise OR Horse Therapy).
  2. Select the number of "tickets" (this should be people we support only - you don't need to include support staff in the booking).
  3. Click on "Book ticket". The page will refresh but you should see the number of tickets selected at the top of the page.
  4. Go to "Basket" and select "Proceed to checkout" at the foot of the page.
  5. Include your own details in the "Billing details" section.
  6. Enter details for each "Attendee" (ensure the slot you have selected is correct at this stage).
  7. Ensure all details are correct, and then scroll down to foot of the page and select "Place order"
  8. You will receive your "ticket(s)" via the email address provided.
  9. Further information and joining instructions will follow closer to the date of the session.

For more information

For more information or support when booking this session, please contact Matt Rickard: [email protected] or 07884 494831