Art sessions for Sense Services

Join artist Fae Kilburn for sensory play through tactile print making.

Monday 13th May: Sensory Squeegee Painting

Have fun creating large collaborative and individual expressive paintings using a squeegee.

Exploring colour, shapes, movement and mark making, what happens to the colours you’ve picked when you start moving and blending them with your squeegee? What patterns and colours will they make as the colours mix?

Monday 20th May: Expressive Mono Printing

Create beautiful layered mono prints, using rollers, sponges or brushes to explore mark making and create your image before printing it, then add multiple layers if you wish.

Who is it for?

Sense Services only- including those who haven't tried arts before.

Groups are up to 4 people plus support in the visual arts studio.


Tactile art techniques and materials will be used

You do not need to book a space for support.

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