Welcome back for a festive special!

Welcome back to Sense Sign School, class. I wanted to check how my favourite students are managing in these strange times. And now you’re here, just click below for my special Christmas lesson. You’ll see I’ve included some of my favourite signs. Why not invite the whole family to join in? And don’t forget your homework!

Homework time!

For your homework, I want you to show the world what you’ve learned! And it’s not just so I can check on your progress, there’s a serious side too. The more people learn a few words of BSL, the more people like me will feel included this Christmas. And Christmas isn’t Christmas until everyone’s invited – right?

So pick your favourite foods from the list below, learn the signs, then make a short video for social telling people what you’re looking forward to eating this Christmas.

And don’t forget to share it using the #SenseSignSchool hashtag.


Did you appreciate my lesson?

Now, I know it’s usual to give a teacher a present at this time of year. You’re probably wondering whether to get me comic books or chocolates. But what I’d really appreciate is a gift to my favourire charity, Sense. If you thought my lesson was good, please give what you can to help them be there for more people like me.