Sense Sign School

Over 50,000 students took part in our free BSL classes. Thank you for making it such a fantastic success.

Audio described version of the Sense Sign School: The Basics video with transcript

Hello, it's Mr. Tyrese here. I’ve had so much fun teaching British Sign Language (BSL) at Sense Sign School over the last few months – can you believe I’ve had over 50,000 students?!

I wanted to be involved in Sense Sign School because sometimes people don’t feel comfortable saying hello to me because I’m Deaf, and they worry about getting it wrong. To have so many of you sign up to learn some British Sign Language has made me really happy.

Don't worry if you missed my classes, Sense have put together 'Sign Away', a handy communication guide with BSL top tips and how to fingerspell. Just put in your email address and you'll be able to catch up with the rest of the class.

See you next term!


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