Sense Awards: how to write a great nomination

Take a look at our top tips on how to write a great Sense Awards nomination.

1. Pick the right category

Not sure which category to choose? Rather than nominating the same person or organisation for lots of different awards, have a think about which award they're most suitable for. You can then write your nomination so it's tailored to that category. Find out more about Sense Awards 2021 categories.

2. Be specific

Our judges want to read about all the amazing things your nominee has been up to, so try and be as specific as possible. Help your nominee stand out by giving clear examples of why they deserve to win the award. Make sure you include any major accomplishments and the impact this made – any statistics, facts or quotes from their family or colleagues are a bonus!

3. Be clear

Keep in mind that our judges might not have lots of background information on the person or organisation you're nominating. It's best not to use any jargon or acronyms people might not understand.

4. Getting in contact

It's really helpful if you include your nominee's contact details so we can invite them to the awards ceremony if they win. If you're not sure of their email address or phone number, please provide one for a family member, friend or carer who can put us in touch.

5. Don’t be late!

Don’t wait until 31st August to submit your nomination! Get it in once you’re happy with it and then you won’t be doing any last-minute panicking.