Preventing injuries

The way we can avoid this is through Cross-Training.

As a runner, cross-training is any activity that gets the heart and lungs working but isn’t running.

Cross-training can be anything, from swimming to cycling, the step machine or cross trainer in the gym.

We cross-train because it allows us to do more training whilst minimising the risk of injury. We can build your endurance safely.

Your heart and lungs don’t know the difference between running and other sports. You will get fitter. We have successfully coached people to run a marathon doing no running for the last 8 weeks of their training. All hope is not lost when you are cross-training.

When to use cross-training

Recovering from injury. This is when we have to cross-train. If you aren’t able to run, hopefully, you’ll be able to do some cross-training. All we do is take your running plan and move it to cross-train.

Adding Volume.  If you are on the comeback from an injury, then cross-training works wonderfully here. We can add volume by doing a mixed session; often, I do this in the long run. The first half of the run is done as a run, the second half is done as a cross-training session.

Extra cross-training is also a great thing to do if you want to add more to your week.

Mixing things up . If you want a change from a run, just swap it out for a cross-training session. It’ll just freshen things up.

Be proactive with your use of cross-training. You don’t need to just run to improve your running.

Got questions?

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