Treasure baskets

A treasure basket is a shallow sturdy basket containing a collection of interesting items for a child to discover. It brings exploration within reach of the child – and gives them the opportunity to handle a range of new and different things.

Items in the treasure basket should vary in weight, size, texture, colour, taste, sound and temperature – for instance:

  • Natural objects: pumice stone, lemon, feathers, shells
  • Metal objects: spoons, keys, bells, small whisk
  • Brushes: paintbrush, nail brush, pastry brush, toothbrush
  • Textiles: velvet scrunches, silk, wool

Think about how the child might interact with the objects. It’s good to include things that rattle, fit inside each other, or that can be used to build and demolish. Try to avoid plastic and soft toys as they do not offer much sensory feedback.

Top tip

A treasure basket can easily be adapted to suit each child’s needs. For children who are not yet sitting, for instance, items can be suspended from a baby gym.

First published: Monday 17 October 2016
Updated: Monday 31 October 2016