Resonance boards

Resonance boards can help to develop a child’s self-awareness. They are made from a thin piece of plywood that is raised slightly from the floor by a wooden frame.

The special quality of the board is that any movement on its surface will produce amplified sound and matching vibrations. It encourages communication, turn-taking, anticipation, vocalisations and speech, problem-solving, sequencing, cause and effect, rhythm – the list is endless!

Remember to start slowly and assess activities by putting your own ear on the board. You may want to spend time introducing the child to the board before adding any toys.

The child can be placed alone on the board, or it can be used with another child or adult if it is strong enough. It is a very adaptable activity; standing and walking on the board barefoot can be fun, as well as sitting and lying down.

Top tip

When selecting toys to use on the board, it is good to think about those that will provide an instant response, such as portable speakers, vibrating toys, spinning tops, stringed beads and bells.

First published: Monday 17 October 2016
Updated: Monday 31 October 2016