Creativity for wellbeing sessions for parents, summer 2022

Our six-week creativity for wellbeing sessions for parents have been a big success. Here’s how you can join our next one.

How do I sign up?

See how to book and explore our schedule to see what dates are available.

What is creativity for wellbeing?

Our six-week creativity for wellbeing courses help parents learn some simple creative techniques to add to (or start) your self-care regime. You can build confidence to try new things in a friendly and safe environment. 

What do we get up to during the sessions?

Previous participants enjoyed the sessions because they learnt new creative skills and had the opportunity to chat in a safe space.

We develop a variety of skills, including using mosaic tiles to produce coasters and trays, making fabric pieces for a collective quilt, sketching, painting and clay modelling. 

If you sign up to one of these courses you will be sent a kit6 containing the tools and materials you need

We also hosted a range of conversations – from serious topics, such as how to navigate the Educational, Health and Care Plan process (EHCP), to more light-hearted topics, such as what our favourite cocktails are. We even debated who’d seen the best knitted postbox topper!

How do I sign up?

Come and Try Sessions’ are for those who are not sure what to expect from an arts & wellbeing group and want to test the waters before signing up for a 6 week course.

Come and join our 60-minute online workshop for a relaxed, inclusive and informal introduction to arts for wellbeing and to meet others in the Sense community.

You’ll just need a piece of paper, a mug, at least one pen or pencil and an optional drink of your choosing. We can’t wait to see you!

Sign up

Contact [email protected] to sign up or to learn more.

When do sessions take place?

Here is our schedule for the next few months:

Come and try

  • 21st June 18:30-19.30
  • 23rd August 10am-11am
  • 28th February 18.30-19.30

Six week courses

  • 5th July – 9th August
  • 20th September – 25th October
  • 8th November – 13th December
  • 10th January – 14th February
  • 7th March – 11th April

What others had to say

Here is some of the feedback from previous participants:

‘I feel this group helps me keep in contact with who I used to be a little bit which gives me a sense of self.’

‘Nice to have some me time.’

‘Loved the mosaic workshop. I’ve done all the coasters because I get on a bit of a roll when I’m in the “craft zone” really enjoyed tonight. Big thank you!!’