Celebrating 40 years of Usher service

Sense is celebrating the 40th anniversary of our Usher service! We’re bringing the community together to swap memories and reflect on how our service has changed over the last 40 years. Come and join us.

A man sitting opposite a woman smiles, between them is a cake stand filled with cupcakes and sandwiches.

Details for the day

We’re marking the occasion with birthday cake, tea and a talks from guest speakers. Friends, family and anyone looking to find out more about Usher are welcome!

Join us at Sense TouchBase Pears, 750 Bristol Rd, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6NA

from 1.30pm on Wednesday 27 September 2023

Guest speakers will present at 2pm, and afternoon tea will be served from 2.30pm.
The event will close at 5pm.

Speakers: Marilyn Kilsby, who has delivered Usher service support and conference talks for many years.
More to be announced soon.

We’ll keep this page updated with the latest information about the day.

What is Usher syndrome?

Usher syndrome is a genetic condition affecting both sight and hearing. It’s rare and symptoms can take years to appear, usually being diagnosed late in childhood or in the teenage years.

Find out more about Usher Syndrome

Sense Usher service

Our specialists offer one-to-one support for people with Usher and their families. We offer home visits, access to our Usher chatroom in Zoom and regular community updates. Sense also carries out research, assessments and training on Usher.

If you’d like support from Sense or more information, visit our Usher service page or get in touch with us directly on [email protected]

Natalie’s experience of living with Usher

Natalie has shared her story to help raise awareness and to help other people with Usher get the support they need.