Sense Hub Belfast

Will you support us?

graphic of 3 people - one standing with arms in the air, one in a wheelchair, one is a child

There are approximately 52,000 people with complex disabilities living in Northern Ireland, with around 9,370 in Belfast, where our new hub will be located.

How will Sense Hub Belfast change lives?

A young boy with curly brown hair and red glasses sits in a chair with a sensory toy on his lap. His parents kneel either side of him.

Your gift will give people with complex disabilities, or who are deafblind, and their families, a place where they can get support, try new things and gain confidence.

Your gift will ensure people with complex disabilities have access to:

  • Sensory rooms, messy play, craft areas and outdoor play space with Sense support workers to guide and encourage.
  • Arts, sports, wellbeing and social activities and events, including collaborations with local charities and providers.
  • A new adult day centre offering regular activities and groups to help people make new connections, reducing loneliness.

A man with greying hair wearing black rectangular glasses, smiling.

Having a Sense Hub in Belfast will be such a positive expression of inclusion for disabled people about their place in life and in our community.”

Martin, Head of Operations (Northern Ireland)
An illustration of the floor plan of a building showing different rooms inside and green space outside.

Will you help us take our exciting plans from paper to reality?

We have an ambition to raise £2million to make Sense Hub Belfast a reality. This will enable us to deliver a hub that’s finished to the highest standard, with sensory toys, accessible technology and bespoke, tactile furniture, and ensure it’s ongoing running costs in the future

If you want to support Sense Hub Northern Ireland, or want more information please contact Matt Lock at [email protected].

Two women, a mother and daughter are standing on a beach. The daughter has short dark brown hair and is wearing a pink top. The mother has longer, light brown hair and is wearing a cream polo shirt and red gilet.

Sense is Northern Ireland’s best kept secret. Not enough people know about the work that they do, but Sense Hub Belfast will change that

Anne, whose daughter Jill is supported by Sense