Deafblind International Outdoor Network, Holland 

Please note the price of this holiday will vary. You’ll also need to account for travel costs, so we advise that you plan for costs of approximately £1,000. 

The Deafblind International Outdoor Network (DBI) gives everyone the chance to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Sense has worked with DBI for 10 years. In 2022, England were the hosts of the network’s fun-packed holiday. Participants described the experience as “An opportunity to be out of my comfort zone and trying new activities. We could just go for it, knowing that we were in safe hands.” 

This year, DBI will be hosted by Holland! Sense Holidays are going to be heading over too, supporting outdoor enthusiasts to make some wonderful, nature-focused memories. This overseas getaway is in a modern, accessible building in a beautiful countryside setting. There’s no better place to immerse yourself in the wonders of the outdoors. 

The DBI Outdoor Network is a partner of Sense Holidays. This means that, should you want to, you could attend this holiday in addition to one of our UK trips. Holidaymakers going away with DBI are required to provide their own carer or companion. You can also register your interest via email


Two women and a man sitting next to a bronze statue of a dog
  • Abroad holiday in beautiful Holland.
  • Wide range of activities on and off site. 
  • Fully accessible. 
  • Surrounded by nature! 

Accessibility information

A man and a woman on a two seated bike in the rain
  • Large social group of both UK and international holidaymakers. 
  • An adventure in another country! 
  • Take things up a notch with climbing walls and bike rides. 
  • Relax with some rustic cooking. 
  • Try out some wild water sports. 

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