Sense College Individual Acceptable Use Agreement

This Acceptable Use Agreement is intended to ensure that:

  • You will be a responsible user and stay safe when using the internet;
  • You will use computers and digital technologies properly for educational, personal and recreational use;
  • You will take care and help to protect college systems and users from accidental or deliberate misuse or harm.

College – Learner/Supported Individual Acceptable Use Agreement


I will use the college systems in a responsible way, to ensure that there is no risk to my safety or the safety and security of other users or college system.

For my own personal safety:

I know that Sense College will monitor/look at my use of the computers, equipment, internet and digital communications.(Required)
I WILL be aware of ‘stranger danger’ and know how to stay safe when I am communicating online.(Required)
I WILL tell staff if I see anything that is unfriendly or that makes me feel uncomfortable or upset.(Required)
I will tell staff if some online harasses me or wants to talk about rude things.(Required)
I will NOT give personal information about myself to anyone online.(Required)
I will NOT give my username or password to anyone else.(Required)
I will NOT fill out forms or enter my information to win free things(Required)

For the safety of college and other people:

I WILL tell staff straight away about any damage or problems with the computers and equipment.(Required)
I WILL check with staff first before I:(Required)
I will NOT access or look at anything that is illegal or inappropriate or that may upset other people.(Required)
I will NOT use anyone else/s username or password.(Required)

I understand that everyone has equal rights to use technologies and resources:

I WILL only use the internet and technology equipment for college work.(Required)
I will NOT use the college internet or equipment for shopping, online gaming, gambling or video sharing (e.g. YouTube) unless I have permission from a member of staff to do so.(Required)
I will NOT copy files (including music and videos)(Required)

I will act appropriately and respect others:

I WILL respect other people’s work and things.(Required)
I WILL be polite and responsible when I communicate with others.(Required)
I will NOT use strong, aggressive or inappropriate language.(Required)
I will NOT take or send images of anyone without their permission.(Required)

I am responsible for my actions:

I know that if I do not follow these rules, I will not be allowed to access the internet or technology equipment and may also put my college placement at risk(Required)
I know that if I am involved in any incident or inappropriate behaviour, safeguarding procedures might mean that further action could be taken.(Required)